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3 Novembre 2013, 00:12am

Hi everybody!

Halloween really really fun! Everybody were prepared for this day for a month. Halloween is very famous here and it's the second-largest commercial holiday in America after Christmas!

I went to Marit's house who is an other exchange student (from the Netherlands) and we were three, Marit, Helena (an exchange student from Brazil) and me. We carved pumpkins, took photos and went to a haunted house! It really was a good moment, especially because my friends and me can understand each other because we're leaving the same dream.

Anyway, Thursday was finally the "big" day and it was really nice at school. We gave some candies to the children of the preschool and we did some crazy experiences in chemistry! Thursday evening we went trick or treat with 5 other friends and it was awesome! I feel like I was a child again!

Another American experience!

Halloween Halloween

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Papa 03/12/2013 19:54

Merci pour les photos.