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  • La grosse Pomme

    11 août 2013

    Bonjour à tous ! Mercredi c'était l'arrivée à New York, appelé aussi "The big Apple". Pourquoi ? Parce que dans les années 1900, des courses de chevaux se déroulaient dans les rues de la ville et les gagnants recevaient une pomme en récompense. Pour revenir...

  • Prom 2014

    08 mai 2014

    Hey hey hey! I went to Arnold High School and Bay High School prom this spring and I can say that it's a unique American experience! What's prom? It's a dance that usually takes place during Spring. Girls have to wear a dress (usually long) and boys wear...

  • School and Daily life

    04 septembre 2013

    Hi everybody ! I was very busy but I can now update my blog. I've been in my new family for one month now and everything is really nice. I went to Orlando, to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with Myra, Chet, Tara, Cole and two of his friends....


    09 juin 2014

    Hey everybody, School's over and I already miss each of my friends... I'm sad but I'm trying to focus on the good things and it makes me so much happier. Being part of an American high school was an amazing experience that I will never forget. American...


    18 mai 2014

    Hey ! My birthday was last Thursday (May 15th) and I had an awesome day! Here are a few pictures :) Saturday, Helena and I went on a boat and we fished! We also went to the Shell Island and it was a beautiful day! Saturday night, My host family and I...

  • My daily life in the US after 6 months

    27 février 2014

    Air force base, Walking in the community, wedding shower, super bowl, Birthday Dinner, Bonfire, Prom dress shopping! I'm just going to stay here :) Valentine's day in the US! Weekend with Tara and Helena :)

  • Pot de départ

    28 juillet 2013

    En ce dimanche 28 juillet 2013, j'ai revu une dernière fois toute ma famille avant le grand départ. Ca a été l'occasion de pouvoir dire au revoir et passer une journée pleines d'émotions. Je voudrais simplement dire un grand merci à toutes les personnes...

  • Christmas is on its way !

    20 décembre 2013

    Christmas lights in my bedroom - some presents from friends! - Our car broke down... our Christmas tree was on the top! Our Christmas tree :) Bell and me :)

  • Christmas and Colorado

    23 janvier 2014

    Hi everybody! Here are a bunch of photos I took during Christmas break! Enjoy :D Christmas morning with my host family :) We went skiing in Colorado and it was so much fun! We did a lot of stuffs there and it really was a good christmas break! Starbucks,...

  • Spring Break

    06 avril 2014

    Wooo ... It has been two months? Already? I have to update this blog! So I'm going to write a bit more than usually because I feel like it! It was Spring Break last week. What have I been up to? Good question - here is the answer :) You probably already...

  • New Orleans

    29 octobre 2013

    Hi everybody! I went to Louisiana three weeks ago with Myra, Cole and Jimmy (Cole's friend) to watch a football game. Myra booked a room at Roosevelt hotel in New Orleans which is a beautiful hotel and we slept there two nights. We left Friday morning...

  • Thanksgiving

    01 décembre 2013

    Hi everybody! We had a week off in November because of Thanksgiving and I went to Louisiana with my host family to see my host grandparents. We left Tuesday morning and we arrived there at 8pm. Myra's parent live in a city called Jennings that is not...

  • Panama City Beach

    13 août 2013

    Hi everybody ! Saturday I got to Panama City at 10:30 am and all my host family was there and they were so nice with me ! They showed me around, the beaches, the restaurants etc... Panama city beach is so amazing ! The first night was very hard for me...

  • Halloween

    03 novembre 2013

    Hi everybody! Halloween really really fun! Everybody were prepared for this day for a month. Halloween is very famous here and it's the second-largest commercial holiday in America after Christmas! I went to Marit's house who is an other exchange student...

  • Girls' weekend

    23 janvier 2014

    Last week I invited two friends and they had a sleep over to my house! We had so much fun. Marit wanted to make a video about this year as exchange students so here are photos and the video (from Marit!) My favorite exchange students :D Uploaded by Marit...

  • Sunday on the beach

    09 septembre 2013

    Hey hey hey ! Sunday, I went to the beach with a friend who is an exchange student too. My host-family is really nice and understand when I feel homesick but it's nice to have someone who live the same experience as me because we can share our impressions...

  • Wonderworks

    03 novembre 2013

    Hey hey hey! A few photos from October at Wonderworks. A house which is upside down!

  • Prologue

    28 juillet 2013

    Tout a commencé il y a un an. Une idée, aussi petite soit-elle, m'a traversée l'esprit en revenant de vacances : Et si je partais à l'aventure ? Cette pensée a commencé à s'amplifier, jusqu'à ce que je décide d'en faire un projet concret. J'ai commencé...

  • Football game at Arnold High School

    14 octobre 2013

    Hi everybody! the football team of my high school played against another high school and it was so much fun even if we lost!

  • Harry Potter

    09 septembre 2013

    I just bought "Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone" My first book in English (: